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I was listening to "Possibilities of an Impossible Existence" and it made me think, which Whitechapel album is my favorite. And I think I have to go with This is Exile. I want to know what your guys favorite album is.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Slipknot's "Sarcastrophe" stream

Slipknot is now streaming the track "Sarcastrophe" it's availible at
Read our review at

Todays new releases

Today some sweet releases are availible. We've got Exodus' Blood In, Blood Out via Nuclear Blast records, Revocation's Deathless via Metalblade Records, Better Left Unsaid's self-titled album via INgrooves Music Group, Pig Destroyer's Mass & Volume via Relapse Records and The Acacia Strain's Coma Witch via Rise Records. Now go out and buy these records!

Monday, October 13, 2014

A theory for you to think about.....

Now he's something for you folks to ponder on. Members of Slipknot recently have been quoted saying the new members of the band aren't really members. It got me questioning why these guys aren't really part of the group? Then I thought, where the hell has Joey Jordison been? It's like he fell of the face of this earth. Many have speculated that Joey was fired due to substance abuse, and we haven't heard his story. Could he be in rehab cleaning up his act, and potentially come back to replace Jay Weinberg (assuming he's the drummer)? It's a long shot, but it does make some sense. The band had a member who died (Paul Gray) because of substance abuse, so it definitely is a touchy subject for Slipknot. Another thing to note, is Alessandro "Vman" Venturella (Slipknot's new bassist) is part of a great band called Krokodil. This band will be on tour in the UK with Mastodon (he was a guitar tech for them), while Slipknot is touring  the U.S. So which band will he tour with? Chime in with your opinions in the comments.

Knotfest 2014 set times

Thanks to we have set times for Knotfest! You can also see who's signing here: Knotfest signings. Here are the set times as promised:

Friday, October 24 (VIP Pre-part):
Stage 003:
10:30 PM: The Black Dahlia Murder
9:25 PM: Chelsea Grin
Stage 002:
11:15 PM: Suicide Silence
9:50 PM: Butcher Babies
9:00 PM: Alterbeast
Saturday, October 25:
Stage 005:
3:30 PM: Fear Factory
2:35 PM: OTEP
1:40 PM: Amen
12:45 PM: Prong
12:00 PM: Immolation
Stage 004:
4:05 PM: The Faceless
3:10 PM: Stands With Fists
2:15 PM: Dehumanizer
1:20 PM: Kings Of Carnage
12:25 PM: Play For Blood
11:40 AM: Headbang For The Highway Battle Winner TBA
11:10 AM: Headbang For The Highway Battle Winner TBA
Stage 003:
4:20 PM: In This Moment
3:00 PM: The Devil Wears Prada
1:50 PM: Butcher Babies
12:50 PM: Miss May I
11:50 AM: One OK Rock
Stage 002:
5:05 PM: Testament
3:40 PM: Carcass
2:25 PM: Maximum The Hormone
1:20 PM: King 810
12:20 PM: Man With A Mission
Stage 001:
11:00 PM: Slipknot
9:20 PM: Danzig
8:05 PM: Anthrax
7:05 PM: Black Label Society
6:10 PM: Hatebreed
Sunday, October 26:
Stage 005:
3:30 PM: Napalm Death
2:35 PM: Avatar
1:40 PM: Attika 7
12:45 PM: Exmortus
12:00 PM: Rattlehead
Stage 004:
4:05 PM: Dead For Denver
3:10 PM: Motograter
2:15 PM: Five From The Gods
1:20 PM: I, of Helix
12:25 PM: A Threat To The Enemy
11:40 AM: Still Not Dead
11:10 AM: Headbang For The Highway Battle Winner TBA
Stage 003:
2:40 PM: Killswitch Engage
1:25 PM: Whitechapel
12:15 PM: Upon A Burning Body
11:15 AM: Anti Mortem
Stage 002:
3:25 PM: Of Mice & Men
2:00 PM: DevilDriver
12:50 PM: Veil Of Maya
11:45 AM: Nothing More
Stage 001:
10:00 PM: Slipknot
8:30 PM: Five Finger Death Punch
7:10 PM: Volbeat
6:10 PM: Tech N9ne
5:15 PM: Atreyu

CARCASS - The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Carcass is one of the most known bands in metal. Their sound has changed and they are a band that many other artist look up to. Here's their latest video for "The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills". On November 10th you can grab their 5 song EP titled: Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel. Catch them at Knotfest or on tour with Obituary. The dates are available in the link below.

TOMBS - "Heroes" video

TOMBS has quickly become one of the better bands in metal, and released an incredible album this year. This band is considered "post metal". Here's their cover of "Heroes" by David Bowie, off of their latest album Savage Gold.




Opeth with some more trippy visuals

Opeth released a visual video for "Elysian Woes". This song could be found on their latest release Pale Communion.

Bloodbath's new lyric video for "Famine of God's Word"

Here's Bloodbath's latest single "Famine of God's Word". In case you missed it, their new front man is Nick Holmes (part of Paradise Lost). This song is off of their upcoming release Grand Morbid Funeral. The album is set to release November 18th.

Watain, Mayhem, and Revenge tour dates!

If you enjoy Norwegian Black Metal here's the tour for you. It's called the "Black Metal Warfare Tour". It features Watain, Mayhem, and Revenge. It will be coming around various North American cities during the winter. Here are the dates:

01/08 Philadelphia, PA – Union Transfer
01/09 Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Soundstage
01/10 New York, NY – Webster Hall
01/11 Boston, MA – Royale Boston
01/12 Montreal, QC – Club Soda
01/13 Toronto, ON – Opera House
01/15 Cleveland, OH – Agora Theater
01/16 Chicago, IL – Bottom Lounge
01/17 Minneapolis, MN – Mill City Nights
01/18 Lawrence, KS – Granola Theater
01/20 Denver, CO – Summit Music Hall
01/23 Calgary, AB – Republik
01/24 Edmonton, AB – Starlite Room
01/26 Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theater
01/27 Seattle, WA – El Corazon
01/28 Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theater
01/30 San Francisco, CA – DNA Lounge
01/31 Los Angeles, CA – Fonda Theater

"XIX"- Slipknot stream

Slipknot is streaming the opening track "XIX" from their upcoming release .5 The Gray Chapter. It's available at The album is set to be released October 21st via Roadrunner Records. Here's our track by track review: .5 The Gray Chapter

Slipknot's "Prepare For Hell" Europe tour dates

Slipknot has decided to take their "Prepare For Hell" tour overseas. This lineup includes KING 810, and the might Korn. Here are the dates:

With Korn & King 810:
01/13 Dublin, IRE – Arena
01/16 Sheffield, UK – Motorpoint Arena
01/18 Glasgow, UK – SEE Hydro
01/19 Newcastle, UK – Metro Radio Arena
01/20 Manchester, UK – Arena
01/22 Liverpool, UK – Echo Arena
01/23 London, UK – Wembley Arena
01/24 Cardiff, UK – Motorpoint Arena
01/26 Nottingham, UK – Capital FM Arena
01/27 Birmingham, UK – Barclaycard
01/29 Paris, FRA – Zenith
02/01 Amsterdam, NET – Heineken Music Hall
02/02 Esch-Sur-Alzette, LUX – Rokhal
02/03 Milan, ITA – Forum
02/05 Budapest, HUN – Sportarena
02/07 Berlin, GER – Max-Schmelling-Halle
02/08 Hamburg, GER – O2 World
02/10 Oslo, NOR – Spektrum
02/11 Stockholm, SWE – Hovet
02/12 Copenhagen, DEN – Forum
02/15 Helsinki, FIN – Ice Hall

Friday, October 10, 2014

Slipknot- "Custer

If you read my review on .5 The Gray Chapter yesterday, you'll know that "Custer" was my favorite track. Well, Slipknot decided to release it today. Here's Slipknot with "Custer", enjoy my friends. This one is fucking heavy.

Revocation full album stream

Revocation is streaming their new album Deathless via Metalblade Records. The album is heavy and the band is getting better and better with each release. The album release October 14th. Do yourself a favor and buy this album. Here's the stream via Revolver:

Thursday, October 9, 2014

.5 The Gray Chapter album review

This is MetalChapel News' first album review, and what better album to review than one of the most anticipated albums of 2014. My main concern is it would be too soft because they're mourning Paul Gray's death, but do not worry. It's fucking heavy my friends. And new members Jay Weinberg (we don't know if it's him, but we do) and Alessandro "Vman" Venturella had HUGE shoes to fill and they deliver.

1. "XIX", this has a gloomy and eerie feel to it. Corey Taylor comes in and you hear nothing but pain in his vocals. This track sets the tone and says "Get ready to go through hell."

2. "Sarcastrophe" is the next track and it starts where "XIX" left off, then you get some guitar and percussion in the background. Suddenly a drumfill comes in like a sledge hammer and you get one of those signature Corey Taylor barks. It sounds like the early Slipknot we all hoped to hear, but still has a newer element in it. This song sends a message that you will hear loud and clear.

3. "AOV" So far you've heard melodic track, and a HEAVY track. With AOV you get something that gives you both. AOV will be a song that will be on Slipknot's setlist for a while. The chorus is catchy, but still manages to stay heavy. Did I mention that this song has a bass solo?!?! Well it does, and Alessandro "Vman" Venturella murders it!

4. "The Devil In I" We have all heard this song, and we all know that it's a great song. This is again one of those heavy yet catchy songs that Slipknot are known for.

5. "Killpop" This song is unlike any 'Knot song you have heard. This song will make you think "Wait... This is Slipknot?". That does not mean this is a bad song, in fact it's one of the most memorable songs on the album. If you like KING 810's song "Eyes', then this is right up your alley. 

6. "Skeptic" Skeptic starts with a ferocious guttural and stays heavy. This song is punky to me, but is still heavy. The chorus is heavy yet melodic, "The world will never see another crazy motherfucker like you / The world will never know another man as amazing as you". As you can tell, this one's aboout Paul Gray.

7. "Lech" This song starts with Corey spitting “I know why Judas wept, motherfucker.”. "Lech" adds the punkiness from skeptic and the heaviness from "AOV"  to create a fucking brutal track. This in my opinion is the most brutal track on the album. At this point we know this album will not be a bust.

8. "Goodbye" After 7 tracks of brutality, Slipknot decides to turn it down a bit and give us what many call a ballad. It starts very slowly, but then it finally speeds up. It never gets incredibly heavy. It's similar to "Snuff", but still has it's own originality.

9. "Nomadic" This song is like something you'd hear on Iowa. This song showcases Corey Taylor's amazing song writing. It's textbook Slipknot and nobody else could pull off a song like this.
Any other front man would have no idea how to sing to this music.

10. "The One That Kills The Least" When Corey said this album was a combo of Iowa and Volume 3. The Subliminal Verses, this is like something you'd find on Volume 3. What I loved most about this song is the guitar. Jim Root and Mick Thompson show why they are one of the most underrated guitar duos. The guitar is haunting my friends.

11. "Custer" This is my favorite song on the album. It's brutal and will soon become an anthem for all maggots. You will soon hear maggots everywhere screaming "cut, cut, cut me up and fuck, fuck, fuck me up" You will keep this one blasting in your car for a while because it's that damn good.

12. "Be Prepared For Hell" this is just a break. It's a freaky interlude that makes you feel a little uneasy.

13. "The Negative One" This song is a song I love because it's the first new Slipknot that I got in 6 years. It was heavy and it told everybody, "We're back and we're as heavy as we were in the beginning days."

14. "If The Rain Is What You Want" Corey said that this is one of his favorite songs that Slipknot has ever made. I think it's a great way to end .5 The Gray Chapter too. It's not heavy, but it makes you look back and reminisce what you just went through. Very similar to "Gently from Iowa but still has originality.

This is one of the best albums of 2014. Going into it I was scared I'd get another All Hope Is Gone. All Hope is Gone has some good tracks, but as an albums it's not great. This album is great. It has heavy and it has melody. I give this album a 9.5/10. The only complaint I have is it was a little over produced. The album will be released October 21st via Roadrunner Records.

New admin here

What's up everyone I'm the new admin here and I'd like to start of by showing you my favorite song.
After The Burial - Cursing Akhenaten

The Acacia Strain new album stream

The Acacia Strain are streaming their new album Coma Witch on the Rise Records' youtube account. It is set to be released October 14. A physical copy can be bought here:

And on itunes here:

Better Left Unsaid Interview

MetalChapel News has finally set up it's first interview. The interview will be with Brent Terry, the drummer for Better Left Unsaid. Better Left Unsaid is a pretty cool band from Modesto California. Modesto is around 20 minutes away from my small town Turlock. Brent is also a radio DJ for ROCK 967. The Buller and Brent show is HILARIOUS. We'll put up the interview as soon as do it and edit it.

Job For a Cowboy's latest track

I personally can't wait for the new Job For a Cowboy to release. The new track is called "Sun of Nihility". Judging from this track the album will be proggy, but brutal. Here's the track:

Revocation is killing it!

A release I'm really looking forward to right now is Revocation's Deathless.. Here is the title track for you, be prepared for your ears to be destroyed!

Krokodil with some kick ass metal.

Sorry I've been away for a while you guys, but I am back. I wanted you to listen to this kick ass band called Krokodil. They are part of Spinefarm Records and they are brutal! Find out for yourselves! One of their members is Alessandro "Vman" Venturella, heavily rumored Slipknot bassist. Here they are with Reptillia Familiar:

Friday, September 12, 2014

Slipknot's new members

From help of you get to see the new members. The drummer is hard to identify, but it's rumored to be Jay Weinberg. As you can see with the bassist, he has tattoos on his hand that can help identify him. His name is Alessandro "VMAN" Venturella. He's the guitar tech for Mastodon.  

Slipknot's New DrummerSlipknot's New Bassist

Slipknot - The Devil In I

My friends, the video is finally here. The music video for "The Devil In I", the first official single for their highly anticipated upcoming releasing: .5 The Gray Chapter. It's directed by Clown, and most of the members are wearing masks very similar to their last mask. The one that sticks out is Corey's. It's completely different than any of his older masks. You get to see the two new member, but their identities are still a mystery. Overall, this is an awesome video. Check it out at or down below!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Jeremy Spencer, the drummer for Five Finger Death Punch, gives us some details as to what the band is up to in this interview done by Artisan news. Apparently is four songs deep. These guys sure know how to make great music quickly!

The band starts a tour with Volbeat and Hellyeah in a couple of days, and will be playing at Knotfest 2014. Make sure you catch them in city near you. Here are the dates:

9/16 Salt Lake City, UT Maverik Center
9/17 Billings, MT Rimrock Auto Arena @ Metrapark
9/18 Bismarck, ND Bismarck Civic Center
9/20 Cedar Rapids, IA US Cellular Coliseum
9/21 Grand Rapids, MI Deltaplex
9/23 Syracuse, NY The Oncenter
9/25 Baltimore, MD Baltimore Arena
9/26 Lowell, MA Tsongas Center
9/27 Albany, NY Times Union Center
9/30 Portland, ME Cumberland County Civic Center
10/1 Reading, PA Santander Arena
10/3 Newark, NJ Prudential Center
10/7 Ft. Wayne, IN Allen County War Memorial
10/10 Huntington, WV Big Sandy Superstore Arena
10/11 Duluth, GA Gwinnett Arena
10/12 Knoxville, TN Knoxville Civic Coliseum
10/14 Orlando, FL CFE Arena
10/16 Biloxi, MS MS Coast Coliseum
10/17 Little Rock, AR Verizon Arena
10/22 Rio Rancho, NM Santa Ana Star Center

10/24 Las Vegas, NV The Joint @ Hard Rock
10/25 Phoenix, AZ Downtown Phoenix
10/26 San Bernardino, CA San Manuel Amphitheater 


OLD MAN GLOOM is a band made up of members from Isis, Cave In, and Converge. I dig this track. It's called "The Lash". So much sludginess is 2:57. Their new album The Ape of God, will be released November 11th. Here's the track:

Krieg // Ruin Our Lives (Official Video)

Krieg released a solid album in Transcient. Here they are with "Ruin Our Lives". If you dig Black Metal, you're in for a treat.

Black Veil Brides - Faithless

The Black Veil Brides released a new song called "Faithless". This song is coming off of their Self Titled album that comes out on October 27. This band is like modern day Hair Metal. I'm not into it, but if you are here you go:

Revocation - The Making of "Deathless" - Episode 1

I found out about Revocation in late May when I attended a DevilDriver and Whitechapel show. These guys are a pretty impressive Technical Death Metal band. David Davidson is good frontman and an even better guitarist. The drummer Phil Dubois is a hilarious guy too. Here's cool little video of them making their album Deathless which comes out October 14 via Metalblade Records. Here's the video:

Catch them this fall with Crowbar, Havok, Fit For An Autopsy, and Armed For Apocalypse. Here are the dates:

09/11 Birmingham, AL – Zydeco
09/12 Atlanta, GA – Masquerade
09/13 Charlotte, NC – The Chop Shop
09/14 New York, NY – Grammercy Theatre
09/15 Baltimore, MD – Ottobar
09/16 Worcester, MA – The Palladium
09/17 Montreal, QC – Il Motore (no Fit For An Autopsy)
09/18 Ottawa, ON – Mavericks (no Fit For An Autopsy)
09/19 Toronto, ON – Phoenix Concert Theatre (no Fit For An Autopsy)
09/20 Chicago, IL – Subterranean
09/21 Cleveland, OH – Agora Ballroom
09/22 St. Louis, MO – Fubar
09/23 Merriam, KS – Aftershock
09/24 Denver, CO – Gothic Theater
09/27 Spokane, WA – The Hop
09/28 Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theater (no Fit For An Autopsy)
09/29 Seattle, WA – El Corazon
09/30 Boise, ID – Crazy Horse
10/01 Portland, OR – Dante’s
10/02 San Francisco, CA – DNA Lounge
10/03 Santa Ana, CA – Observatory
10/04 Los Angeles, CA – Los Globos
10/05 Tempe, AZ – Club Red
10/06 Albuquerque, NM – Launchpad
10/08 Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey Bar N Grill
10/09 Austin, TX – Mohawk

10/10 Houston, TX – Fitzgerald’s


If you don't know of this band, do yourself a favor and check them out! A lot of this video is from them playing Download 2014. Very solid progressive group. 

Catch them in a city near you! They'll be playing with the Devin Townsend Project, and Animals As Leaders. Here are the dates:

11/17 @ Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
11/18 @ Commodore Ballroom – Vancouver, BC
11/19 @ Level Nightclub – Kelowna, BC
11/21 @ Union Hall – Edmonton, AB
11/22 @ The Gateway – Calgary, AB
11/23 @ O'Brians Event Centre – Saskatoon, SK
11/24 @ The Garrick Centre – Winnipeg, MB
11/25 @ First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN
11/26 @ Metro – Chicago, IL
11/28 @ St. Andrews Hall – Detroit, MI
11/29 @ House Of Blues – Cleveland, OH
11/30 @ Phoenix Concert Theatre – Toronto, ON
12/01 @ Club Soda – Montreal, QC
12/03 @ Rams Head Live – Baltimore, MD
12/04 @ Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA
12/05 @ The Palladium – Worcester, MA
12/06 @ Webster Hall – New York, NY
12/08 @ Center Stage – Atlanta, GA
12/10 @ Backstage Live – San Antonio, TX
12/11 @ Gas Monkey Bar N Grill – Dallas, TX
12/13 @ Gothic Theatre – Englewood, CO
12/14 @ Sunshine Theater – Albuquerque, NM
12/15 @ The Nile Theatre – Mesa, AZ
12/16 @ The Mayan – Los Angeles, CA

12/17 @ The Regency Ballroom – San Francisco, CA

I Declare War - Blurred Vision

Here's a pretty humorous video from I Declare War. Interesting fact about these guys, as of 2012, all of the orginal members from this band are gone. Anyway, here's the video.

Bloodbath news

Next week Bloodbath will be announcing who their new vocalist is. Michael Akerfeldt, frontman for Opeth, left the band in 2012 leaving the band in need of a new frontman. The new album is called Grand Morbid Funeral and will be released on November 17th. 

Opeth - Moon Above, Sun Below (Audio)

The former death metalers, now prog metalers released a great album a couple weeks ago titled "Pale Communion". Definitely should check it out if you're into metal. Here's a pretty awesome video for the song "Moon Above, Sun Below", enjoy my friends!

Motionless In White - 'Reincarnate' Music Video Trailer

Motionless In White joined Slipknot with the music video tease. The video will be released the smae day their record releases which is September 16. If you want to stream the full album, here is the link:

INCITE "Fallen"

This is the music video for the song "Fallen" by Incite. Incite is a pretty cool newer band that is fronted by Richie Cavalera. Richie Cavalera is the stepson of former Sepultura and current Soulfly frontman Max Cavalera. I guess Metal is just in the Cavalera blood.


Corrosion of Conformity released a music video for their song "On Your Way". It's a pretty killer track from their last album IX. C.O.C
 fans be ready for the return of Pepper Keenan in 2015!

Slipknot - The Devil In I (TRAILER)

Slipknot released yet another teaser. This time it's for their music video for their latest track "The Devil in I". The music video will be premiering tomorrow at 9 a.m. eastern standard time and 6 a.m. pacific standard time. No word on if we'll findout who's drumming and who's playing bass. Here's the clip:

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Slipknot details!!!!

So on an interview with Full Metal Jackie Corey Taylor spilled a few beans, but didn't give it all to us. The most interesting part is the part about the masks:

"... We wanted to make something that still looked unified but still stayed with the spirit of what the band is all about. Instead of trying to find something that was individualistic, we designed — well, Clown designed a mask that the drummer and the bass player will both wear. On one hand they get a mask but at the same time, it’s not the individual mask that we in the band use. We knew that any attempt to do anything like that might be taken as disrespectful, but at the same time it’s part of the way of moving, getting past the hardest steps, which is just moving on. So, we decided that we would come up with a mask that works for both the bassist and the drummer and that’s what they’ll wear on stage."

Here's a link to the interview if you'd like to read it:

I'm super stoked to see who the new members are and what the masks look like! The rumors are Donnie Steele is the bassist, and Jay Weinberg is the drummer. Donnie Steele has been playing bass for Slipknot since Paul Gray died, but wasn't playing on stage. And Jay Weinberg is the son of Max Weinberg who drummed for Bruce Springsteen. Stay tuned my friends!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Knotfest 2014

Today Stage 004 for Knotfest 2014 was supposed to be announced, but unfortunately that date has been pushed back to September 22. I predict that Suicide Silence will headline stage 004 Saturday October 25 because that is the only day that they do not participate with The Black Dahlia Murder on their co-headline tour. The Faceless is on the poster, but they are not listed on a stage. But they're a lock for stage 004, we just don't know if it'll be on Saturday October 25 or Sunday October 26. Something I'd like to see would be a European heavyweight along the lines of Meshuggah or Behemoth. Neither band has anything going on the two days of Knotfest. Those last two band are just two complete guesses, but stay tuned my friends. I have a feeling this stage will be worth the wait. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Song for your Friday night! Stay Metal my friends! \m/

This is "Drink Drank Drunk" by HELLYEAH. HELLYEAH is a Metal band from Texas, the members are Chad Gray (Mudvayne), Vinnie Paul (Pantera, Damageplan), Kyle Sanders (brother of Troy Sanders, and formerly of Bloodsimple), and Tom Maxwell (Nothingface). Here's the song! Hope you enjoy!

Knotfest 2014

Slipknot some how managed to put together an incredible destination Metal festival in America. There are plenty or Hard Rock music festivals, but none anything like this one. On September 8th, the festival announces who's playing on Stage 004 on Saturday October 25th and Sunday October 26th. 

However, there have been a couple of changes made that aren't shown on the flyer. Satyricon is no longer on the bill. Instead, Fear Factory will be headlining stage 005 on Saturday October 25th. Playing for Fear Factory on Sunday October 26th is Avatar, but Napalm Death will headline. This festival will truly be an absolute spectacle! Comment and let me know what you think about the lineup!

Starting point

Heavy Metal has a lot of great things to offer that other genres don't, and the biggest thing it has to offer in my opinion is the incredible amount of sub-genres. The sub-genre that made me fall in love with metal was Nu-Metal. I remember when I heard "Happy" by Mudvayne my mind was blown. I couldn't get enough of Chad Gray's vocals and that opening riff. Then I became hooked and started to listening to heavier and heavier music. I can appreciate every genre Metal has to offer now. I just love Heavy Metal and I want to contribute to the Metal community. On this blog I will review new albums and concerts I attended, tell you about what's going on in Metal, and do a guess game or something of that nature to give a way a new album. At some point I'll also try to get an interview with whomever I can arrange one with. Have a great and Metal weekend you headbangers!