Friday, September 5, 2014

Starting point

Heavy Metal has a lot of great things to offer that other genres don't, and the biggest thing it has to offer in my opinion is the incredible amount of sub-genres. The sub-genre that made me fall in love with metal was Nu-Metal. I remember when I heard "Happy" by Mudvayne my mind was blown. I couldn't get enough of Chad Gray's vocals and that opening riff. Then I became hooked and started to listening to heavier and heavier music. I can appreciate every genre Metal has to offer now. I just love Heavy Metal and I want to contribute to the Metal community. On this blog I will review new albums and concerts I attended, tell you about what's going on in Metal, and do a guess game or something of that nature to give a way a new album. At some point I'll also try to get an interview with whomever I can arrange one with. Have a great and Metal weekend you headbangers!

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