Monday, September 8, 2014

Knotfest 2014

Today Stage 004 for Knotfest 2014 was supposed to be announced, but unfortunately that date has been pushed back to September 22. I predict that Suicide Silence will headline stage 004 Saturday October 25 because that is the only day that they do not participate with The Black Dahlia Murder on their co-headline tour. The Faceless is on the poster, but they are not listed on a stage. But they're a lock for stage 004, we just don't know if it'll be on Saturday October 25 or Sunday October 26. Something I'd like to see would be a European heavyweight along the lines of Meshuggah or Behemoth. Neither band has anything going on the two days of Knotfest. Those last two band are just two complete guesses, but stay tuned my friends. I have a feeling this stage will be worth the wait. 

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